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teeny update: i changed url’s recently so you’ll find my blog here, and also i’ve been streaming a lot recently which you can find here :)

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The Riot League is Closing!

With a heavy heart, I have decided to stop updating this blog.
There are many reasons why I have come to this decision, but mostly it’s because I have lost my love for doing this every day and I have other things I want to use my time doing. I will be keeping this blog up for archive, but I shall not be updating anymore.

Thank you all for following the last 2 years. If you would like to ever talk to me, chances are I won’t read messages sent here. Feel free to message/follow me on my personal blog here.

- Sadie.

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Jayce portrait by Ioruko

League of Legends Wallpaper by KatZina

Teemo Holiday Giveaway Winner!

A few hours later than planned, but nevertheless, here is the results. The winner of the Teemo Plush & Christmas card is:


Congratulations! Please contact me with your name, and full address asap (within the next 48 hours) or another winner will be chosen!

Freeze! by KayouVirus


**Sorry I didn’t do this before Christmas, so you guys have an extra 48 hours to reblog this. Will be closing on 28th December 11.59pm GMT! :D


TEEMBO Jon-Buran by jpm1023

Winter Wonder Lulu by BlueLov3

Ahri_midnight_Christmas_2013 by kairimiao13