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1 year ago   

League Players: Which Frejlord Faction are you going to be siding with and why?

I’m torn between Sejuani and Lissandra. :/
This is hurting my poor little brain. I can’t decide. Nyaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  1. urbane-sanity answered: Lissandra :D
  2. asktimber answered: I’m siding with Ashe. She was my first owned champion, even though I don’t play her often.
  3. abbendiscorbenik answered: I’m a little torn between Ashe and Lissandra. Both strive for peace, but have an opposite view of the aspect of peace.
  4. andrewnonon answered: the one with the black people
  5. madokamahora answered: Avarosan because Ashe and Anivia.
  6. zeronight34 said: Keeping my urf icon cuz its the best.
  7. n1cklife answered: Lissandra
  8. denzelk answered: Ashe Foreversss :D
  9. greenmtman answered: same
  10. adammccarkeys answered: SEJUANI ALL THE WAY!!!!
  11. notsogiantnerd answered: #TeamAshe! Avarosan all the way!
  12. chillinurdrinks answered: Freljord needs guidance, and both Ashe and Sejuani aren’t capable of giving the Freljord people what they need. Lissandra has my allegiance.
  13. makingitshinelikemoonshine answered: Sejuani because I’ve always loved her as a champion and I love that Fight or Die mentality
  14. hozzae answered: Ashe or Lissandra. I mean eff sejuani and eff ashe. But I main Anivia and she’s rolls with Ashe :/ Lissandra looks like she’ll be fun though
  15. tbskyen answered: Ashe! Frost Archer groupie 4 lyfe, yo!
  16. naturally-motion answered: I’m with Ashe and avarossians
  17. floppy-dissk answered: I have sided with the Frostguard.
  18. inserttaghere said: Sejuani!
  19. defendthecube answered: lol Ashe master race
  21. dnelsonn said: I’m going lissandra because her icon is pretty awesome. But i also really like ashe’s too..
  22. attenuateacrimony answered: Did you know that the new Anivia skin is what would happen to her if Lissandra wins? Also Sej is a LOT of fun in the jungle & I don’t jungle!
  23. salfriel answered: i wanna play a bit with lissandra, else side with ashe,
  24. proxy007 answered: Might just go For Lissandra, i like people who plan out first, not just run in for a fight
  25. rorschachsins answered: Ashe, my first pentakill
  26. pumpkinappearifier said: I chose the Winters Claw. I am somewhat inclined to follow Udyr as he is one of my favorite champions.
  27. spooksterking answered: Personally I’ll go siding with Lissandra. The symbol seems the best aesthetically for me at least. Sej is definitely a close second place…
  28. thedeaddreamer answered: Lissandra! My morals compell me to pick Ashe but my sense of Adventure keeps telling me to go with what’s new.
  29. artalion answered: Sejuani.. Even though I like Lissy, I’m a big fan of Sej and Voli. So two versus one, Sej wins.
  30. skytheakajon answered: sejuani because she’s actually good
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  32. it-goes-in-my-butt answered: First I wanted Liss because she kicks ass and Ashe is a boring champ but at the end im for the peace in Freljord so…yeah Ashe it is
  33. browncoatonserenity answered: I’m Avarosan
  34. leagueofsupernatural answered: gona go with lissandra she looks so badass
  35. andrew64 answered: Ashe, she was my first champion, and still the only one of the three I own!
  36. honey-cup said: Ashe! :3
  37. wonder-meathead said: depends if you want to side with a bunch of thick headed brutes, or a bunch of jedi looking ice wizards
  38. ivan-redgrave answered: Winter’s Claw
  39. skelleybelly answered: I can’t decide between Ashe and Lissandra! >.< I like the ideals of Ashe’s campaign more, but Lissandra just looks so freakin cool! :O
  40. pleasejustfuckingkillme answered: Def not trAshe. Probably Sejuani!
  41. jaysonthedukeofduwang said: Zaun
  42. dummybot answered: Sejuani!
  43. an-chor-s answered: I’d have to go with Lissandra or Ashe, they’re both boss.
  44. mikarosarashi answered: ASHE. B/C I like her :T I dunno I just like peace. just saying
  45. askyorick answered: Frost Guards
  46. zealotarchaeologist answered: siding with sejuani, but i’ll likely be playing a lot of lissandra