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1 year ago   

DISCUSSION: What is your favourite joke from any champion?

  1. the-hatred-machine answered: Think logically for one se-CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW!!
  2. eggofalafel answered: "If I eat you, does that mean I’ll learn to die!? HYAH!"
  3. majoraman answered: the unbearable one. Volibear. bear. BAHahahahhaa
  4. ishumbisho answered: ""A man, a woman and a yordle walked in to the Sun…. They die! Because it burns them alive. (laughs)" -Diana
  5. kunomi answered: joke? what do you mean?
  6. trollgernautt answered: You got a problem with me? JOIN THE CLUB!! - Trundle. Best Joke Ever.
  7. super--powered answered: Zac. Bounce……….Bounce……….Bounce…….
  8. leckentumble answered: Evelynn…
  9. inserttaghere answered: "You wanna see how to disarm a bomb?" (eats a bomb) or Vis "Why can’t I get a straight answer?" joke.
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  11. okamihokkaido answered: Vi’s joke “Why can’t I get a straight answer? It’s always like oh no stop hitting me, ow my face”
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  14. projextmayhem answered: Xerath’s joke. LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!
  15. entrepiernado answered: Jokes? I don’t know any jokes.
  16. addictivemeh answered: "My PROFESSION ?! You know, now that I think of it, I’ve always wanted to be a baker." - Pantheon
  17. clumsiac answered: VI
  18. kibanightray answered: I love Soraka’s joke: “Yes, that was a banana. No-one expects the banana!”
  19. ask-monkcoon answered: "I hear a man likes a lady with legs"
  20. evenfaithfulslie answered: "yes, it’s true, for only 2:95 a minute, i’ll leave you, breathless" - janna
  21. eltipodeincognito answered: How do you like the curves? I was refering to the bow…
  22. hopeless-heartbreak said: Shyvana - what do you do if a dragon sneezes? Get out of the way
  23. adigitalsoapbox answered: "You smell like burning!" - annie
  24. eskayerocks answered: "Jokes? …I don’t know any jokes."
  25. dokkar answered: If PETA asks, this fur is fake
  26. sickdust answered: "YOU CAN’T MILK THOSE!" - ali
  27. klstrphnky answered: Tristana “Is that a rocket in your pocket?”
  28. nutellabutts answered: I’m OP? Your mom is OP.
  29. polpols-palace-of-shitposting answered: Ziggs
  30. alma-exanime answered: Nautilus <33
  31. shadowentei answered: Ugh, I lost another blade. I wonder who it’s in this time…
  32. xmoonxhowlerx answered: "What?! Do I have someone in my teeth?"
  33. canadian-gladiator said: "The only time I have a drinking problem is when I spill it!" - Gragas
  34. jump-all-the-way-to-the-moon answered: BUBU Style
  35. fuwapup answered: quinn’s jokes are my favorite by far.
  36. burdenedwithgloriousdick answered: Diana’s jokes kill me because they’re so unfunny.
  37. tanaka-gundammit answered: "Knock, knock. Who’s there? The moon… it’s far away. You were alone the whole time."
  38. danik107-askthescorpion answered: You are probably expecting some unBEARable joke!
  39. axelpix answered: "Hmm, I suppose you’re expecting some unbearable pun" from Volibear, or "Sometimes I think this anchor just weighs me down." from Nautilus.
  40. badjokesandemmawatson said: Or possibly: “My profession! Well, now that I think about it I always wanted to be a baker. Yes, a baker” -Pantheon
  41. badjokesandemmawatson answered: "I tried to silence my mother once, boy did I regret that" -Kassadin
  42. summoner-saigetsu answered: "Lying is, like, ninety five percent of what I do."
  43. jizzybizzo answered: Diana and all of Vlad’s. Puns and dry humor hooray
  44. piltoversheriff answered: ANYTHING VLADIMIR
  45. marcluce answered: anything from diana