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1 year ago   

Discussion: Lucian’s nemesis?

Who do you think his nemesis is?
I’m thinking it’s definately somebody from The Shadow Isles, which narrows it down a lot. Also he says ” I’ll hunt down the bastard who took her from me and send him straight to the grave. Twice, if I have to.” which to me means the champion has the ability to live again, like Aatrox’s or Anivia’s passives. However, coming from The Shadow Isles, I’m going to assume the ‘grave’ part more-so, and guess his nemesis is Yorick?

edit: there’s been a release by zenon stating not to get fooled by the ‘die twice’ thing and that it could refer to denizens of shadow isles. so i’m gonna guess it’s another upcoming champion ;)

  1. shaviau answered: might be thresh because he said how she wouldnt want him to go back for her, so maybe he stole her soul
  2. dirigibletomato answered: Maybe you guys are overthinking it. Maybe it’s just saying he’ll make SURE he puts his enemy down for good.
  3. keledrath said: On the theory of the killed taking her soul, I’d favor Thresh. He acquires souls as a mechanic, and would want plenty of time to break a strong and pure one.
  4. keledrath answered: What we know: Male, Shadow Isles. Current options: Morde, Yorick, Hec, Thresh, Karthus.
  5. jehsuhs answered: I was thinking the “her” he refers to was Evelynn
  6. bakascientist answered: In your post before this one it mentions a “she”. Just pointing it out there.
  7. bladeglory answered: I’m thinking Mordekaiser. He talks about “coming after her” and Mordekaiser rips victims’ souls from their bodies to be used against others.
  8. tbskyen answered: I think Mordekaiser - Lucian being a “purifier” and all. Especially since Morde is known to hunt and kill good mages.
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  10. bread-alligator-boy answered: I gonna bet it’s Yorick. We know they’re reworking Yorick. So. Yeah.
  11. zanric answered: And they’re reworking Yorick soon/currently.
  12. troll-king-king answered: It Might be hecarim, his story and intent are still unknown he could of taken evelynn her origin is still unknow, they are also both fast
  13. poke-armor-energize answered: based on individual champion lore, it could also be Hecarim, Thresh, Morde, or even Nocturne. 3/4 rampage and kill indiscriminately.
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  15. wildllama answered: Thats exactly who I thuoght it was when I read it too.
  16. ashxlyn answered: Yorick Thresh or a new champ that will be in response to him
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  18. evrahe answered: I’d put my money on Thresh…
  19. rinuko answered: Exactly, either that or Karthus.
  20. shikaro said: also, it is mentioned mordekaiser killed the female teacher of a mage while there. who knows?
  21. stuntheinsect answered: It can’t be Yorick. Re-work or not, characteristically and lore-wise he’s not one to kill people just bury them.
  22. summonerjolan answered: No, they confirmed it doesn’t mean he has the ability to revive. It just means the champ is from the Shadow Isles. And probably not out yet.
  23. astarall answered: according to ZTS, it’s just referring to a denizen of the shadow isles, not an ingame mechanic.
  24. chaeegandcrackers answered: I would say Yorick, and considering he’s getting a rework maybe he gets new lore that involves Lucian?
  25. the-baezilla answered: Every bone in my body says Aatrox, but idk - it could be interesting if it was Thresh and he just had her soul in his lantern???
  26. shikaro answered: i think its mordekaiser. yorick looks like a grave guardian rather than someone who sends people to the grave! mordekaiser KILLS though.
  27. lordofthethngs answered: karthus. it is karthus.
  28. canadian-gladiator said: Or another future champ, like how everyone thought Rengar’s nemesis was Cho’Gath, and then suddenly they released Kha’Zix
  29. blackmarketshopkeeper answered: Could be Aatrox or Yorrick, or maybe it’s Mordekaiser himself.
  30. canadian-gladiator answered: It’s definetely gotta be yorick
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